Create a digital magazine that works for you.


Flipswing was built around the idea that a digital magazine should work two ways.


Flipswing is Rich

Desktop Tablet Mobile

We make it easier to deliver intriguing content to your subscribers by providing a platform that drastically simplifies the process of creating a responsive digital magazine.


Flipswing is Easy

Before, if you wanted to create a digital magazine, you had the burden of designing the layout. Flipswing cuts the work in half by doing the layout for you.


Flipswing is Valuable

Flipswing uses customized algorithms to automatically rate the degrees of user engagement based on how people read your magazine. From there you can identify high-interest targets to prioritize in your sales cycle.


Flipswing is Robust

Flipswing offers an unparalleled package of features and capabilities to make your magazine appealing to your subscribers and profitable for your organization.

  • HTML5 Support
  • Supports Mobile/Tablet
  • Custom Content
  • Engagement Algorithm
  • In-Depth Custom Analytics
  • Social Sharing
  • Easy-to-Use Magazine Builder
  • Custom Design Templates
  • Dedicated Team


Flipswing is Impressive

The final magazine looked great, but even better, the analytics were really impressive. I know who's most interested in what, and that's incredibly helpful for fundraising."

Kent Stanley

USU Associate Vice President for Advancement-Athletics

"As someone who is much more of a writer than a designer I was thrilled with the ease of use of the program. The digital magazine I produced received rave reviews from its target audience."

Kraig Williams

Beats Writer


Flipswing is Affordable



Seeing is Believing

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